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Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce!!! Boom Island Brewery

Boom Island Brewery, Love, Tatanka

Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce, get Slippery when wet. Bringing our tantalizing combo platter of Red Hot Blues, jazz infusions, savant americana, with fresh parsley on top.


Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce hit hard once again (musically speaking) at this annual neighborhood musical soiree, where folks from round the hood gather to listen,dance,cheer on their favorite neighborhood band...several porches turn into band stands on this one evening during the glorious summer month on June, where our lovely city of Minneapple rivals any of the beautiful city's on this great flat earth. )

Quartette Monette @JR's Restaurant River Falls

JR's Restaurant, River Falls, WI, River Falls, WI (Swiss-consin)

QM(Quartette Monette) get it. Consummate Jazz players, pull on the heart strings. It's our debut here at JR's and we're delighted. Colin Monette-jazz(ish) Guitar, Eric Moeckel-jazz guitar, Christopher Becknell-Violin, Bruce Morrow-upight Bass

!!!Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce, BAM! it on @Boom Island Brewery!!!

Minnetonka Boom Island Brewery, Love Street, Minnetonka

The Sauce BAM! it on thick @ BOOM Island Brewery! Yes we're back, with BeBop & Rocksteady (aka The Meatballs(aka The Sauce)) plunking gut strings and beating the skins, if you will. Colin Monette may as well be starting his guitar on fire, cause that thang it HOT!!! Ouch!

Apple Cellar Trio, with Allison Raney, Bruce Morrow, Colin Monette

The Driftwood Bar & Grill, Eat Street Nicollet Ave S, Miniapple

The Apple Cellar Trio are back a their monthly residency, Thursday early eve 7-8pm @ The Driftwood Bar. Vocal Jazz, with Allison Raney crooning, while Bruce Morrow & Colin Monette lay the foundation. Refined Music.

Duette Monette, featuring your's truly and Christopher Becknell on the Violin.

Commodore Bar & Restaurant, St. Paul, St. Paul, MN

This is a very special evening in celebration of the work staff at Martha's Gardens in St. Paul, as well as a celebration of their working relationship with The Commodore Bar & Restaurant! Colin Monette & Christopher Becknell are delighted to play some nice soothing music for the occasion.

Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce Live @ BOOM ISLAND BREWERY

Boom Island Brewery, Minnetonka, Minnetonka

Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce! Take the cake @BOOM ISLAND BREWERY. We love this place, they love our face. We jam hard, they pour hard. Come get your wiggles out, cause we sure will be. Blues-Fusion, Americana, Rock n Roll.

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