New Album Released in 2021, "COLIN ROY MONETTE, Lucky*" is a wonderful collection of music, a longtime coming, but well worth the wait.

Colin Roy Monette-Lucky*, Everywhere you listen!  ...iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play etc.


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Hear my live band:

Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce!

Yes, I'm on FB, I'm the Musician!  HA!   Yup, I'm on YouTube, work in progress.     

Spaghetti Monetti & The Sauce are cookin' up some kicking spicy flavours in Studio 3, Stay Tuned. Meanwhile check us out on SoundCloud.

I am, who I am!

Interested in taking guitar lessons with me: please go to Twin Town Guitars in MPLS, MN, inquire about me.

Friendly Reminder:  There's no way to Happiness, Happiness is The Way!

FYI: My Home Studio:  "SOL-Studios" is a Solar-Powered-Music-Studio!  I write and create original music.  Stay Tuned! 

In 2022, I officially became an LSL Instruments Artist. Their handmade custom guitars are so wonderful!!!